Folklore Museum

What you will see

The rich folklore collection of the “Agapios Tolis” Museum in Kipi, Zagori, has the opportunity to see the numerous visitors of Zagori, as well as students with excursions made by their schools. Arms, hunting, textile, pastoral and agricultural life (forage and agricultural tools), food and nutrition processing are displayed on the ground floor of the Museum.On the middle floor there is a room – a gift to Agapios Tolis, furniture and objects of urban life and culture, pottery, brass, jewelery, clothing, footwear, residential and ecclesiastical items. Numerous other objects in the collection are kept in the basement to be displayed on the course in the two halls that are today the exhibition space of the building.


It has been operating since March 2018

More than 40,000 kinds of everyday life

Collection of minerals, folklore and old photographs

Price Per Person 0,00€


Experience a beautiful sightseeing tour in a wonderful time home worth visiting. Ideal visit from students, school students and families.